Blue November for Diabetes

This month is Blue November; a month to raise awareness of diabetes. It ties in with World Diabetes day on the 14th of November, which is the birthday of Fredrick Banting. He’s one of the people who co-discovered insulin!

This year sort of hold dear to me as on the 21st it will be a year since I had a seizure caused by diabetes. Though doctors didn’t think it was. I had to go through various tests that could have changed my life in a massive way. I’ll leave that to another post!

I’ve started posting photos on my Instagram of what some aspects of living with Diabetes can be like for me. I hope it will give people an insight of what it looks like. I’m posting a photo a day in relation to my Diabetes in a way of making this hidden condition more visible.

On top of that I’ve got a few blog posts planned and if I get enough question (if any) then an AMA session. If you have any questions for me what it’s like living with diabetes then please ask away. You can post to me on any social media platform I have:

Or you can use the Ask Me Anything page!