The Hiatus is Over, I’m Blogging Again

After a long hiatus, I’m back blogging again with a newly design version of! I decided to go for an agile approach for the site, so I’ll always be improving it. My issue is often trying to achieve perfection and it takes me forever to get something out. With this approach, I hope to give something new and try to impress! Even though I’m trying to impress, the Sass source for could do with lots of improvement. I’ve moved it around so much to different systems, it┬ájust irks me now. Though I’m nearing version one of my own Sass framework that I’ll replace the Sass here with.

Coders who are viewing my source to steal my stuff might have noticed it’s still WordPress. The WordPress file structure is different to help with git syncing, and I’ll explain in an upcoming blog. But the reality is that WordPress does a damn fine job where I need it to and none of the overhead of maintaining my own CMS. I’d rather adapt the WordPress code and contribute to that and make it work. It does mean I can just work on writing good content!

My plan now is to update on a weekly basis; it will probably be mostly web development stuff and the sort. I got a few comic book reviews I want to do and some other gaming reviews in the future as well but I’m all up for suggestions.

I would love to know what people think of the design of the site and any suggestions for topics then hit me up on Twitter (@WolfieZero). If anybody notices the site is broken or there’s a weird bug then feel free to submit an issue on GitHub.