Neil Sweeney

Ahoy, I’m Neil Sweeney, a web developer and consultant living in the somewhat haunted rural town of Romsey with my wife, dog and chinchilla.


Currently, I work at Dootrix as a Software Engineer specialising in Web development, whatever they may be.

I’ve been making websites since 1998 and since I made my first website I knew I wanted to do this as a job. So went to college, did advance computing and graduated; went to Uni for three years, got annoyed and dropped out; got a job and just progressed from there. Since then I’ve helped customers such as Merlin Annual Pass, AMX, Novartis, Legoland Windsor and Basil Brush to achieve and grow their solutions.

Although the tech and code have changed over the years, I’ve always prided myself on giving the what’s best for the user and being honest with clients.


In my own little personal time, when I’m not doing more coding on my laptop, I like to chill with a nice cold game and some hot punk… err, let me rephrase that.

I like my video games; mainly into RPG style games such as Final Fantasy, BloodSouls and your FPS hybrids like Fallout and Borderlands. Not so much an online gamer as I can never commit to playing with others but I do love a good story in a game.

Another big part of my life is music being a massive punk rock fan from The Ramones to whoever plays palm mutes and no more than three chords. I’ve been known to go and listen to classical and hip-hop and on occasion listen to a little bit of goregrind and death metal. I suppose you can say I like what I like!